Going once by Mark Rudolph – review

Title: Going once
Author: Mark Rudolph
Genre: Sci/fi
URL: www.strangehorizons.com…
Other Information/warnings: none, unless the word ‘penis’ bothers you 🙂

In a future world, the dead have a value. And a twin must find a way to let go of his beloved brother.My review:

This is subtle, sad, spare – at first, apparently simple, but bears rereading. It’s about loss, missed opportunities, and second chances. The sparse prose reveals a story where the end, isn’t always – in several senses. Left me making a sequel in my head.


Snow Day by Jennifer Pelland – review

Title: Snow Day
Author: Jennifer Pelland
Genre: Comedy/SciFi
URL: www.strangehorizons.com…
Other Information/warnings: Mentions of off-screen sex between a human and an android

Also – I found this rec in a slash recs database, but strictly speaking there is nothing at all to indicate the story is slash, as the gender of the narrator is carefully never stated or hinted at. The story is not labelled as slash/queer, so, it could actually be a het story – it works either way

The owner of a very helpful android is snowed in, and learns a few useful things about the workings of the android mind
My review:
As I said above, I read this as slash – but it honestly doesn’t matter if it’s not, because it’s funny, clever and totally off the wall. To say too much would be to spoil it, but all I can say is that it beats everything Isaac Asimov ever wrote about robots, and possibly invents a fourth law of robotics while it’s at it. Short, witty, a perfect appetiser for something longer, if you’re in the mood.


No hidden catch by Jenelin – review

Title: No hidden catch
Author: Jenelin
Genre: UST
URL: www.livejournal.com…
Other Information/warnings: none
Meeting a childhood hero as an adult can be an interesting experience
My review:
Yet another Sensory Overload Ficathon story. A lovely insight into growing up gay, crushing on the unreachable…and then finding out that he might not be so unreachable after all. A short, sweet piece, understated and clever.


Words are very unnecessary by Quatorze – review

Title: Words are very unnecessary
Author: Quatorze
Genre: Romance
URL: www.livejournal.com…
Other Information/warnings: It’s not explicitly stated it’s slash – the gender of the narrator is not mentioned. I’m assuming it’s slash because of the author’s other output.
The age of the narrator is also not specifed, but again, it’s a fair assumption that the person is above the age of consent. No explicit sexual content. Just kissing.
A victim of violence finds a protectorMy review:

Another from the Sensory Overload Ficathon (and even though a lot of the stories are gen, or het, there’s still some fabulous writing to be found here:)

This could be slash, could be het. I’m choosing to see it as slash because the narrator sounds like a boy. But it’s less important than the fact this is a wonderful mood piece – we learn of the narrator’s sad and abusive past, and how he’s found someone who can see past his scars and his inability to speak. Rich, evocative, moving. Just bloody good.


Grabbing hands grab all they can by Magpie – review

Title: Grabbing hands grab all they can
Author: Magpie
Genre: Modern, PWP, romance
URL: www.livejournal.com…
Other Information/warnings:explicit sex, laugh out loud humour 🙂

Thom’s not gay, but his boyfriend is.My review:
This is a real honey from the Sensory Overload Ficathon:


Thom’s a jujitsu master, hard as nails, and swimming so far up that river in Egypt, he just passed Abu Simnel. Joseph’s his best mate. And queer. And fancies him. Thom is bothered a lot by this, and by one aborted kiss which he fended off with his fists, but which he still can’t stop thinking about. Late one night, a little hand to hand combat…becomes something else. Hey, it’s a slash story! What do you think happened?

This is beautifully written, cuttingly funny and sharply observed, while also being erotic. The characters get you interested, the interactions are believable, and she has a delicious way with description. Go read, go beedback. She says "If you enjoy this, let me know. I’m halfway through a sequel. :)"

I know I’m up for that!


Fallen by A M Riley – review

Title: Fallen
Author: A M Riley
Genre: Vampires, fantasy
URL: www.geocities.com…
Other Information/warnings: very gory
A vampire on the streets meets a young man who is nothing at all like what he seems.My review:
I really don’t like vampire stories, but this one had something from the first few lines which intrigued me, so I continued. I was glad I did, but man, this one goes nowhere near where you think it’s headed – it’s a seriously odd story, but there’s something very beguiling about Stefan the street rat and Davie the…well, don’t want to spoil it.

The negatives are that the story could have done with a beta, and there are some blurgy POV switches which I really hate. The pace is dizzying too, but it’s one of those stories that sticks in your head and makes you think, ‘I wonder what happened after…?’ Not the best or most polished story out there, but well worth a look, if you can get over the squicks.