When I was three by dontkickmycane – Review

Title: When I was three
Author: dontkickmycane
Genre:Young love/first love/coming out
URL: http://bent-fiction.com/viewst
Other Information/warnings:Angst
Summary :
When Billy was three, Xander was his best friend. And we all need our friends.

Written for the Bent-fiction (http://bent-fiction.com/index.) Exclusivity Challenge:
My review:

This is sweet and angsty, and we meet two young and interesting young men at troubled times in their lives. It’s literate, it’s well-characterised and it feels very real. I would have liked it to be slower, longer and for the author to trust the readers to want to spend more time with the boys, but she gets the emotions very right, and avoids cliche even in a cliched set-up. Lovely, and well worth a read.