Giving the Devil his due by Kaethe – review

Title: Giving the Devil his due
Author: Katie
Genre: Fantasy/mythological/romance
Other Information/warnings: reference to (possibly) underage sexual attraction

Another entry in the original fiction Ficathon 2

Love across lifetimes, second chances and hope
My review:
This is a lovely, bittersweet story of loss and reincarnation, that captures the pain of immortality and the enduring power of love. Nicely written, doesn’t outstay its welcome, a pleasure to read.


When you are out on the road by Ephemera – review

Title: When you are out on the road
Author: Ephemera
Genre: Road trip, romance
URL: http://ephemera-tales.livejour
Other Information/warnings:m/m
Entry in the Original Fic Ficathon 2

A man uses a road trip to console his best friend who’s trying to get over the breakup of a long-term relationship. In the nature of such things, the journey is as much about discovery, as travel.My review:

This is just a gorgeous little short story – a tight set up, well-written dialogue, and characters, despite the brevity of the story, who really come alive and make you care about them. A wealth of minor tics and details weaves a rich picture of interactions between Beck and Sam, best friends for like forever, and while it might not be the most original set up in the world, it really doesn’t matter. Highly recommended.