Where to? by Clarediva – review

Title: Where to?
Author: Clarediva
Genre: Drama
URL: http://claredivatoo.livejournal.com/17036.html
Other Information/warnings:m/m

A chauffeur is asked for more than the usual service. Written for the picfor1000 2007 challenge:
http://community.livejournal.com/picfor1000/My review:
Clarediva takes what could be a fairly boring cliched situation and turns it cleverly into something else, where we care about the characters, and yearn to know more of their story. Excellent use of her 1000 word limit.


Your cover’s blown by Shinju Yuri – review

Title: Your cover’s blown
Author: Shinju Yuri
Genre: Romance, vaguely historical
Other Information/warnings:mild m/m

Frederick Rochester is a cat burglar. Walter Jennings is an absent-minded inventor. Easy pickings…or maybe not.
My review:
Another sweet one from this author (and some darling illustrations to go with it). She manages to create beguiling and lively characters with economy and cleverness, and while the plot is on the slightly fantastical side (rather fairy tale like), I loved the descriptions of the devices and ideas, the fact that both characters surprised me at times with their reactions. It’s funny, and a jolly nice romance. Highly recommended.


One year on by Naomi Noelle – review

Title: One year on
Author: Naomi Noelle
Genre: Romance, humour
URL: http://www.fictionpress.com/s/1790898/1/
Other Information/warnings:none
Going from having a girlfriend to having a boyfriend requires some life adjustments and changes in attitudes.

This was just fun, made me laugh a couple of times, made me smile most of the way through. The dialogue is sharp and amusing, the voices sound authentic, as do the experiences. High enjoyable.


Care and feeding by Shinju Yuri – review

Title: Care and feeding
Author:Shinju Yuri
Genre: Romance, fantasy
URL: http://s2b2.livejournal.com/20488.html
Other Information/warnings: involves fantasy anthropomorphic creatures
‘The first time Sakito met Hiraku, Hiraku was wearing a shirt that said YOU LOOK TASTY in English, with a pair of cherries as the two ‘o’s in ‘look’. Sakito walked past and Hiraku reached out, caught his hand and said, “I’m a fox. Can I eat you?” ‘


What a sweet (in all senses of the word) and lovely treat – rich, sensual, very, very funny, and a romantic and touching fairy tale as well as being a non-sappy story of two boys in love (one of whom is a kitsune – Japanese fox spirit). Some delicious illustrations and recipes, deftly written and engaging. Very much recommended.