Care and feeding by Shinju Yuri – review

Title: Care and feeding
Author:Shinju Yuri
Genre: Romance, fantasy
Other Information/warnings: involves fantasy anthropomorphic creatures
‘The first time Sakito met Hiraku, Hiraku was wearing a shirt that said YOU LOOK TASTY in English, with a pair of cherries as the two ‘o’s in ‘look’. Sakito walked past and Hiraku reached out, caught his hand and said, “I’m a fox. Can I eat you?” ‘


What a sweet (in all senses of the word) and lovely treat – rich, sensual, very, very funny, and a romantic and touching fairy tale as well as being a non-sappy story of two boys in love (one of whom is a kitsune – Japanese fox spirit). Some delicious illustrations and recipes, deftly written and engaging. Very much recommended.