Two Boys in Love by Lawrence Schimel – review

Title: Two boys in love
Author: Lawrence Schimel
Genre: Gay romance
Price:US $13.95
Other Information/warnings: Explicit m/m
Two Boys In Love is an anthology of fourteen stories by Lawrence Schimel, and also the name of the five story arc at the end of the volume. The stories take place in a variety of locations from Europe to New York, and include two fairy tales and a ghost story, as well as those set in the modern, real world.

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The Brothers and the Dragon by Kiriko Moth and Katherine Tag – review

Title: The Brothers and the Dragon
Authors: Kiriko Moth and Katherine Tag
Genre: fantasy, erotica, art book
Price: US$15.99
Other Information/warnings:Graphic visual erotica. Sexual relationship between adult half-brothers, non-consensual sex, violence.
Summary [from the publisher]:
They were half-brothers, bastard sons of the Emperor, content in the splendor of the palace…until the day their father offered them as sacrifices to the cruel dragon, Ryu, who plagued the countryside. Wearing a man’s form during the day, and a dragon form at night, he keeps them as his playthings and escape seems impossible.

My review:

Apparently there’s a story in this book somewhere. I was too busy ogling at the beautiful artwork of tatooed pretty boys being tied up and abused 🙂

Seriously – you don’t want to buy this for the tissue thin adult fairy tale story, which is simply a peg for Kiriko Moth to hang some of her gorgeous images on. She has a distinctive, art nouveau/Japanese inspired style, and if you don’t like her other art, you probably won’t like this. If you do, then you’ll adore it. The pictures are lush, beautifully posed (though I could nitpick some of the postures), and delicately coloured. Each image would be a delight if used as a framed print, and as a book, it will adorn coffee tables of the more enlightened purchasers (but there’s plenty of nudity and bondage, so don’t leave it out where your maiden aunt can see it, unless you think she’ll like it!)

I’d have liked more story since I felt there could have been so much more done with the idea, but the point of the book is the art, and there’s more than enough of that.