Autophobia by Lydia Thorne – review

Title: Autophobia
Author: Lydia Thorne
Genre: Horror
URL: Fictionpress
Price: FREE
Other Information/warnings:
violence, explicit m/m
A plague is destroying humanity and in the aftermath, two desperate men try to survive.

My review: This post-apocalyptic tale is very bleak, powerful stuff, genuinely creepy and sad. I can’t say too much about the plot, but the title means ‘Self fear’ or more accurately here, ‘Fear of self’, and like the best horror, the suspense comes not from the outside threat but within.

The author manages, incredibly, to make this a love story too, but don’t be looking for any warm and fluffy stuff here. If you like your stories dark and beautifully written, this will be perfect. Recommended, but not for all tastes.