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Best date ever edited by Lawrence Schimel – review

Title: Best Date Ever: True Stories That Celebrate Gay Relationships
Editor: Lawrence Schimel
Genre: Romance, true tales
URL: Buy at Amazon
Price: US $15.95
Other Information/warnings: occasional use of bad language and sexual references
Summary [from the Introduction]:

“…many of us have found ourselves on plenty of dates
gone wrong, and there are many collections of worst date stories,
this anthology sets out to do something different. We wanted to
celebrate the romance of gay life, instead of always focusing on
the negative…”

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Toy Box: Rings edited by M. Rode – review

Title: Toy Box: Rings (anthology)
Authors: Mychael Black, Syd McGinley and Kiernan Kelly
Genre: Fantasy, BDSM, pirates
URL: Torquere Press
Price: US $2.49
Other Information/warnings: Explicit m/m, BDSM, cock rings
Summary: What can one lover give another that means more than a ring? These rings are a little more than a simple gold band, but they make for a scorching hot Toy Box. In The Ming Ring, Kiernan Kelly give us Mark, a real player who meets his match in Lan, who has a special jade ring that he wants Mark to wear. In Syd McGinley’s Short Leash, Dr. Fell is learning to live again after the death of a loved one, and Rory might just be the man to get him going. Mychael Black’s Pirate’s Pride has pirate Ian worried that he’s not enough for his lover, Silas, and searching for ways to keep himself ready for love. Continue reading →


Petsitting by Syd McGinley – review

Title: Petsitting
Author: Syd McGinley
Genre: BDSM
URL: Torquere Press
Price: US $1.29
Other Information/warnings: BDSM, language
Summary: Charlie needs a firm hand. He needs help. But what he needs most is someone to keep an eye on him while his Master, Ben, is out of town. Ben’s old roommate, John, might just be the perfect man for the job. John is dealing with a death in the family, trying to get his doctorate out of the way, and he has no place to stay. So watching over Ben’s pet, Charlie, seems to be the perfect solution. Charlie blossoms under his care, showing a whole new level of submission, and John is proud that his touch can bring Charlie some peace. Will Ben approve of the new arrangement when he returns?

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Body and Soul by Jordan Castillo Price – review

Title: Body and Soul (third in the Psycop series)
Author: Jordan Castillo Price
Genre: Detective, mystery, paranormal
URL: Torquere Press
Price: US $3.95
Other Information/warnings: horror, gore, ghosts, explicit m/m
Summary: Policeman Vic has yet another new partner at work, but the really scary thing in his life is spending Thanksgiving with Jacob’s family. The domesticity of the holiday is followed by a little light house-hunting, and it’s a relief to get the call to go back to work. The urgent case means that Vic and company have a serial kidnapper on their hands, and it will take every resource they have, and every bit of their talent, to solve the mystery. Continue reading →