All These Things That I’ve Done by makesmewannadie – Review

Title: All These Things That I’ve Done
Author: makesmewannadie
Genre: Modern, f/f, m/f/f (transgender)
URL: On Livejournal
Price: FREE
Other Information/warnings: explicit f/f, angst
Summary :
Natalie used to be with Andrea, until she decided she wanted to be Andy. Jenny used to be with Natalie, but she wanted more than they had. Looks like she found it with Andy….

My review:

Even though f/f isn’t my thing, this story involves a subject matter – transgender relationships – so rarely handled with any competency, that it’s worth making the effort to look it out. In fact, the gender issues, while central to the characters’ difficulties and anguish, aren’t as important as the triangle of love and desire that binds these three people together. Natalie is angry at the desertion of two lovers – ultimately to each other – and struggles to understand what’s going on with them and with her own feelings. The resolution is left pretty open, and certainly isn’t pat. The issues arising from Andy’s transition aren’t covered in any detail, and might have made for a meatier story, but it’s satisfying enough for what it is. There’s a short, intense scene of f/f sex, but mostly it’s about people talking and angsting, tending to ramble just a tad in places, but not too much. Nicely enough written, in a spare way, and certainly realistic and unsentimental.

Recommended, not least because anything that encourages sensible, sensitive stories about transgender individuals, has to be good.