Colin Farrell’s Penis by Philip Huang – review

Rating: 10/10 ★★★★★★★★★★ Title: Colin Farrell’s Penis
Author: Philip Huang
Genre: Contemporary humor
URL: Velvet Mafia (Part of Velvet Mafia: Dangerous Queer Fiction, Issue 22.) Now part of A Pornography of Grief anthology
Price: Free From US $5.99
Other Information/warnings: Not Safe For Work image accompanying story

Ya have about three minutes to spare and want a good chuckle? Then pop over to the always excellent Velvet Mafia: Dangerous Queer Fiction and take a look at this fine, fun story by Philip Huang. With some nice humor and a refreshing brevity of words, author Huang manages to get some laughs and poke some well-deserved fun at the propensities of the gay community. And he manages to do both while lampooning the general ass-hatery of Hollywood celebutants. All this in under 500 words! Flash fiction at its finest. Huang is not an author I have ever read before, but after this little piece, I will be certain to read more.