Roy LeRoy and the Black Bull of Whistler’s Gulch by Kit Zheng – review

Rating: 8/10 ★★★★★★★★☆☆ Title: Roy LeRoy and the Black Bull of Whistler’s Gulch
Author: Kit Zheng
Genre: Humor, Erotica
Price: Free
Other Information/warnings: explicit m/m sex, anthropomorphism
Summary (from the author): I had a craving to write something a la Paul Bunyan and Babe the Blue Ox, and this is what came out. I liked the character of Roy LeRoy so much that I have further adventures planned for him.

My Review: I first discovered author Kit Zheng’s Roy Le Roy series through her story Roy LeRoy and the Man in the Red Suit, a Christmas tale that just left me smiling and was a welcome break from the sweaty, over-sexed and under-charactered erotica I had been reading at the time.  Now Zheng makes available her tale, Roy LeRoy and the Black Bull of Whistler’s Gulch, which was the very first short story in the series. And it, along with other stories, is absolutely free on her website.

Zheng states in her summary that she wanted to write something akin to Paul Bunyan and while I have no doubt that James MacGillivray would fairly blush at the exploits of Roy LeRoy, Zheng has captured the whimsy and folkloric feel of those timeless tales with her easy, addicting prose and a character just as memorable as good old Paul…and just as gentle as Babe the Blue Ox.

In this first tale, Roy LeRoy is the sheriff of the sleepy little Whister’s Gulch, and while There weren’t very many people who lived there, and fewer still stayed more than a few years, Roy likes it well enough.   One day, when a big Black Bull wanders into town, intent on causing some havoc, good old Roy, in his gentle but firm way, sets about ridding the town of the beast.  When he learns that the town owes Black Bull a debt, well, Roy takes it upon himself to find a way of settling that score, even if it means giving up a little bit of himself.

The beauty of this (and other) Roy LeRoy stories is the tone of the pieces and the strength and innocence of the extremely memorable lead character that Zheng has created.  Zheng’s prose is precise and to the point, evoking the feel of those Tall Tales she so loves. It never meanders very far from the task at hand, but still manages to create a relaxed stroll through the town and the events that unfold there, leaving the reader with a warm home-spun feeling.  And Roy.  Well, what does one say about Roy?  He’s one of those rare people:  strong and masculine, able to stand up for what he believes but always doing it in the gentlemanly ways he’s carried with him for as long as anyone can remember.  He’s also a breath of fresh air in m/m erotica.  Ya see, Roy doesn’t go looking for sex, he just kinda stumbles into it, just by being who he is and by doing his job, and in that respect he’s somewhat like another character, Forrest Gump, albeit a lot more hot.  There’s an innocence there that makes him an immensely endearing character, the kind of guy each and every one of us would probably wanna chat or play a game of checkers with down at the General Store.

So, if you have ten free minutes, crack open a bottle of sarsaparilla, kick your feet back and check out these sexy tall tales. I think you’ll be glad ya did.