If All the Sand Were Pearl by Pepper Espinoza

Rating: 4/10 ★★★★☆☆☆☆☆☆ Title: If All the Sand Were Pearl
Author: Pepper Espinoza
Genre: Erotica
Price: US$3.50
URL: Samhain
Summary (from the Publisher): A Calling of Souls story. Love…or freedom?
As a youngest son, Jag Martin has eagerly walked a life-long path toward the priesthood. Then his once-great family falters under a mountain of debt. Their only hope—marry Jag off to an appropriately wealthy suitor. Brace Rivers desperately wants more than just a short fling. However, his economic and political reality makes finding an appropriate male partner next to impossible. When the Martin family offers Jag’s hand, it’s a dream come true. But his suspicions mount that the young man is being forced into an unwanted marriage.

Compassion wins out over loneliness, and Brace offers Jag a pearl ring valuable enough to both save his family’s fortunes and give him freedom. There’s just one thing Brace wants in return—twenty-four hours together. Brace can only pray it’s long enough to convince Jag that a life together is worth more than all the pearls in the sea.

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A Policy of Lies by Astrid Amara – review

Rating: 5.5/10 ★★★★★½☆☆☆☆ Title: A Policy of Lies
Author: Astrid Amara
Genre: Futuristic Urban Fantasy Suspense
URL: Loose ID
Price: US$ 5.99
Other Information/warnings: graphic m/m, violence, mention of torture and mutilation
Summary [from the publisher]:
Twenty years ago, Levi Kaszeri survived a brutal rebellion on the mining colony of Tarus 9. Now as an aspiring reporter, Levi has a mission: to expose the massacre to the public, and bring the men responsible to justice.
But after a violent attack, he is rescued — then seduced — by Tiergan Seoras, a young doctor with a dangerous past and a slave tattoo.
Soon Levi finds all of his investigations leading him back to Tiergan. And he begins to fear that the best lover he’s ever had may also be his worst enemy.

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Whistling in the dark by Tamara Allen – Review

Rating: 9.5/10 ★★★★★★★★★½ Title: Whistling in the Dark
Author: Tamara Allen
Historical Romance (early Twentieth century)

NB: Book has been rereleased through Lethe Press and is available at allromanceebooks.com for $6.40

Other Information/warnings: Violence
Summary [from the publisher]:
New York, 1919. His career as a concert pianist ended by a war injury, Sutton Albright returns to college, only to be expelled after an affair with a teacher. Unable to face his family, he heads to New York with no plans and little money—only a desire to call his life his own.
Jack Bailey’s life has changed as well. After losing his parents in the influenza epidemic, he hopes to save their beloved novelty shop—now his—by advertising on the radio, barely more than a novelty, itself. Sutton lands work in Jack’s corner of the city and the two conclude they couldn’t be less suited for friendship. But when Sutton loses his job, Jack gives him a place to stay.

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