Roy LeRoy and the Most Cunning Mechanical Contraption in All Creation by Kit Zheng – review

Rating: 8.5/10 ★★★★★★★★½☆ 

Title: Roy LeRoy and the Most Cunning Mechanical Contraption in All Creation
Author: Kit Zheng
Genre: Humor, erotica
URL: torqueresocial (a temporary home until the author can move the story to her website)
Price: Free
Other information/Warnings: Public display play, explicit sex
Summary: Roy LeRoy, the sheriff of Whistler’s Gulch, is back and this time he is pitted against Morgan the Magnificent, a snake oil salesman who is looking to take Whistler’s Gulch for a ride.
My Review: Author Kit Zheng gives us another free entry in her Roy LeRoy series, and she has managed once again to tickle my funny bone.  For those who aren’t familiar with Roy LeRoy and the fine folks of Whistler’s Gulch, this is an excellent entry to begin with as Zheng remains true to the tone, style and whimsy of the old folk tales that inspired the very first Roy LeRoy story.

As usual, the story is straightforward.  Can Roy LeRoy simply run off a charming traveling huckster, Morgan the Magnificent, a  vendor of all kinds of uselessness? Or does he need to hear him out and then test if his polite assement of the man is true?  Well, right sure, our Roy is a fair man, and he doesn’t want to run off Morgan all willy-nilly; so, he accepts the swindler’s challenge to ride for three whole minutes on the Windmeupsie saddle, a saddle with a unique way of holding on. Right quick, Roy mounts the saddle (think mechanical bull), and shows that he is up to the challenge.

As with all the Roy LeRoy stories, Zheng’s dedication to voice and style are flawless, and the character of Roy is consistent, but still growing a little bit with each story.  Even the residents of Whistler’s Gulch, who generally are relegated to the background–they are Roy LeRoy’s stories after all–grow from story to story.  We get little glimpses.  Who would’ve guessed Eli Lords was that daring?  And who woulda thunk that Doc Earl might just be harboring a little secret?  Well, not me.

The story is charming and silly and fun and as for erotic?  Well, a lot of erotica does very little for me from an excitement level, but this story pushed all the right buttons and is one of only two stories I can recall that actually…well…let’s say they made me salute the authors.  What’s the other story that made me rise to the occassion, you ask?  Well, as Zheng says at the end of this fine tall tale…”that’s a story for another time.”