Chasing Smoke by K A Mitchell

Rating: 8/10 ★★★★★★★★☆☆ 
Title: Chasing Smoke
Author: K A Mitchell
Genre: Modern mystery
URL: Samhain Publishing
Price:US $5.50
Other Information/warnings:Angst, explicit m/m, language
Summary [from the publisher]:
In the best of times, Daniel Gardner hates visiting his family. With his boyfriend pressuring him for a mortgage-serious commitment, Christmas in Easton, PA sounds, for once, like a welcome escape. His old house holds more than memories of a miserable adolescence, though. It has Trey Eriksson.

At seventeen, Trey was taken in by the wealthy Gardner family after his father was jailed for his mother’s murder. Until he left for the Army, he fought a double-edged battle—for proof of his father’s innocence and against his attraction to Daniel.

Fifteen years later, things haven’t changed. Trey is still looking for the real killer. And Daniel has never forgotten how Trey used to sneak into his room at night.

Now new clues to the murder are resurfacing—and so is Trey and Daniel’s sexual chemistry. Except this time, Trey has come to terms with his orientation.

But their connection may not be enough to overcome the mistakes of the past. Not while a murderer still walks free…

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Shadow of the Templar (series) by M. Chandler

Rating: 8.5/10 ★★★★★★★★½☆ 
Title: Shadow of the Templar (series)
Author: M. Chandler
Genre: Modern heist/caper
URL: Author’s Site
Price: Free (but also available as cheap print/downloads from Lulu)
Other Information/warnings: Violence, bad language, explicit m/m in short stories only
Summary: Simon Drake is a hard-arsed FBI agent, and dedicated to taking down people like Jeremy Archer, jewel thief supreme. On their first encounter, Archer comes off the winner, but thanks to Archer’s own strict code of honour, Drake has a second chance to get back what was stolen – and Archer gets a second chance to pursue his own strange fascination with his nemesis

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The Highwayman by Ali Katz

Rating: 7.5/10 ★★★★★★★½☆☆ 

Title: The Highwayman
Author: Ali Katz
Genre: Historical
URL: Amber Quill
Price: US$5.00
Other Information/warnings: Implied under age sex, implied rape/non-con, limited violence
Summary [from the publisher]: Hungary, 1750.  Janos Vesh is a man on the edge. He’s spent all of his adult life fighting his past. Now he roams the highways of the southern Carpathian Mountains chasing what little vengeance fate has to offer for the wrongs done to him and to his family. But satisfaction eludes him, and his only comfort comes in the arms of his lover, Stefan. The soldier’s constant love is no longer enough to rein in the highwayman’s growing recklessness. Stefan doesn’t know what drives Janos along the path to self-destruction. He knows only that trying to save the man he loves from himself is fast becoming a losing battle. He’s not ready to give up, but ideas are running short.  A robbery gone bad, a descent into darkness, and Janos’s fragile hold on sanity begins to crumble. Stefan has one last hope. Will it succeed where all else failed?

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