Lies and Consequences by Kaje Harper

Rating: 8.5/10 ★★★★★★★★½☆ 
Title: Lies and Consequences
Author: Kaje Harper
Genre: Contemporary romance
URL: Smashwords
Price: FREE
Other Information/warnings: violence, suspense, explicit m/m sexual content
Summary [from the publisher]:
Chris Fletcher and Ian McCallum started out as a hook-up: no names, no strings, no future. But fate seemed determined to throw them together and each time was better than the last. Ian couldn’t help starting to think about forever.
Chris knew he shouldn’t take the chance. His life was a web of lies, from providing his Navy fiancee Jenny with a beard to the details of his fictional childhood. Ian would hate being deceived and a crash was inevitable. But Chris had never felt so deeply about a man before.
When the lies came out, Ian did walk away. But fate wasn’t done with them. Because Chris’s life was in danger, and only Ian was close enough to help. Now Ian had to decide where the deeper truths lay, and whether what he felt for Chris was still strong enough to risk his safety and his heart.

My review:
This was a surprisingly enjoyable and engrossing little romance. Lots of (somewhat improbable) action, two appealing leads, strong female characters, clean editing, decent writing and good pacing made for a very pleasant couple of hours’ entertainment. Sex scenes were nice and not overnumerous, and the development of the relationship was cute. It’s not a novel that will change your life but it’s one I will probably reread, which is a lot more than I do with most books I buy in this genre.

The only thing that made me wince was the constant use of ‘the small/smaller man’ (authors, please don’t do this). Oh and the ‘chocolate voice’ was good the first time and tiresome the tenth time. But for a free novel, this is well worth the time of anyone who likes nice m/m. I’ll be looking for the author’s pro release in May.