Bad Boys Need Love Too by Christa Tomlinson

Bad Boys need love Too
Rating: 9/10 ★★★★★★★★★☆ 
Title: Bad Boys Need Love Too
Author: Christa Tomlinson
Genre: M/M Romance
URL: Torlina Publishing
Price: US $4.99
Other Information/warnings: Explicit sexual content
Summary [from the publisher]:
“You won’t let anybody else have you, Joseph. I won’t let anybody else have you. I want you all to myself.” – Gage Mason

We’ve all had our experience with him. The Bad Boy. The one we’ve been warned about. The one with rips in his jeans and a lazy, devil may care smile on his mouth. The one who makes you do bad things that feel so good.

For me it was Gage Mason. We met when he worked on my Ducati. I knew immediately he was trouble, but something about that Bad Boy drew me in. Maybe it’s his dark eyes that study me like he wants to know everything about me. Maybe it’s the way he makes me feel; the rough touch of his hands, his possessive grip on my hair when we kiss, the way he feels deep inside me. Or maybe it’s the way he needs me, even though he won’t admit it.

For once in my life I’m taking a risk. Despite everything that tells me I shouldn’t, I’m taking a chance to be with Gage. I don’t know if it will end well, but I do know I can’t resist that Bad Boy.
Joseph Naderi

My review:
I’ve always had a weakness for bad boys (and girls too!), so I was thrilled to get the opportunity to read this.

Gage Mason is a motorcycle mechanic who owns his own shop. Persian-American Joseph Naderi is a promising young lawyer whose passion is racing. When Joseph brings in his bike for repair, the chemistry between the two men is instant and off the charts.

Joseph knows that Gage is the type of guy he should stay away from. Gage knows that Joseph is more than just a pretty face. His natty clothes and shy demeanor belie a passionate side that is just begging to be uncovered.

I couldn’t read this story without thinking of my own tumultuous 4-year relationship with a bad boy. I was just 19 when we met at Poor John’s Pub on a Friday afternoon, where I stopped to drown my sorrows after getting fired from my first serious job. Noticing my deeply discounted suit, he asked what a nice girl like me was doing in such a dive. Like Joseph, I had a bit of a wild streak underneath the conservative attire. After four beers, we left the bar together and I followed him home. Within minutes, I was face up on his waterbed with my pencil skirt hiked up around my waist and enjoying the best sex of my young life. I was thankful my parents were asleep when I got home well after curfew, so I wouldn’t have to explain the borrowed oversized t-shirt and sweats or why my suit was ripped. After that, we were practically inseparable. Our relationship was not all rosy, however. Like Gage and Joseph, we both had issues that resulted in battles as explosive as our sex was. While our problems and relationship dynamics were quite different, there were enough similarities there that made it so easy for me to relate to Gage and Joseph.

I fucking loved this book! It evoked strong feelings and memories, and wormed its way into my dreams.

Other than a few minor errors, the writing was polished and competent. The story drew me in from the start and still hasn’t let me go. The main characters popped right off the page, and there were a variety of well-drawn secondary characters. I loved the glimpses of Gage’s longtime friends, Nate, Max and Gia, and already have the two spin-offs featuring Nate and Max on my Kindle. I’m hoping there will be a story about Gia too, with a special lady that knocks her socks off!

There’s a lot of sex, but this is also a gritty and tender romance about overcoming emotional baggage, growth as an individual and as a couple, learning to trust, and learning to ask for help when problems become unmanageable. Gage and Joseph worked hard for their happy ending, making it especially sweet.