A Change of Pace by Tielle St. Clare

Rating: 6/10 ★★★★★★☆☆☆☆ 
Title: A Change of Pace
Author: Tielle St. Clare
Genre: M/M Romance
URL: Amazon
Price: US $1.49
Summary [from the publisher]:
Aiden has a few simple goals in life—teach his students well, find a stable lover and stop lusting after the sexy local sheriff. He’s pretty sure the guy is straight, after all, his son is one of Aiden’s students. It’s best for everyone if he keeps his eyes (and hands) to himself.

But Knox has other plans. The prickly little tutor who teaches his son is pretty damn sexy and so easy to tease. When they find themselves alone for the evening, he decides he’s only going to get one chance to see if Aiden is always that uptight or if he lets loose when he’s in bed.

My review:
Aiden has lusted after the local sheriff, Knox McClintock, for a while but knew he was off limits. For one thing, Aiden is tutoring Knox’ 17-year-old son, Jesse. For another, Aiden is sure Knox is straight.

The two men meet again when Aiden’s car is stranded. He accepts an invitation to stay with Knox while his car is being repaired. Conveniently, Jesse is on his way to a dance, allowing Aiden and Knox to get to know each other better.

Knox is a very appealing character, with his growly dominance and smug smiles. He’s a good dad to Jesse, a big tease, an avid football fan, and has a lot of friends. Even though Aiden is very comfortable teaching, he is a bit of an introvert.

While I enjoyed their interaction and found the sex hot, I felt that Knox was disrespectful to Aiden in his thoughts and in his words.

…prissy little professor, sexy little professor, sweet little body, vocal little thing, tight little ass, little body beneath his, etc.

I wish that Aiden had put a stop to that kind of talk before it started to annoy this reader.

Knox did redeem himself when he said, “I’m a good boyfriend, but I’m also a good father and I don’t want my kid getting attached to someone who’s going to move on.”

Normally, I prefer my romances and erotica without children, but Jesse was realistically portrayed and not too intrusive.

This is a short story that focuses on the physical and the present moment, so I didn’t expect exploration of feelings or thoughts about the future. It was a light, fun and sexy diversion between books.