Simon and Sir – MaineboyXY

Title: Simon and Sir
Author: MaineboyXY
Genre: Gay,BDSM
Warnings: Pretty graphic sex and Heavy BDSM
Summary: A young man is in training by his domThere are thousands of stories on and most are pure crap. This is one of the few that is not only literate, but has what I call a ‘slash feel’ – in that it’s not just about the mechanics, the author really gets into the head of his characters, transcending not only the cliche set up, but the usual problems with gay fiction – essentially, he manages to make it erotic and interesting, and not just jerk off material. If you like BDSM stories at all, I really recommend this. Also ‘Brains over Brawns’ by the same author is worth a look.


The Quartz Key, By Lianne

Title: The Quartz Key
Author(s): Lianne
Genre: Fantasy (pre-industrial)
Summary (if relevant): Slave boys, Princes, special powers, twoo wuvCliched as hell, but still a cracking read – a slave is bought to be a companion to a young prince, and quelle surprise, they fall in love. The slave has special powers, mysterious forces are after them yadda yadda. A bit breathless and it moves along too fast at times, but it’s entertaining and well enough written.


The Godeaters by Chartreuse

Title: The Godeaters
Author(s): Chartreuse
Genre: fantasy/futuristic
URL: chartreuse.studi…
Other Information/warnings: Definitely adults only content

Summary (if relevant): Two criminals are locked up together in a dysfunctional world where paranormals are persecuted and religious conservatives impose their world view on others.My review:

Well this one grabs you by the balls from the second you start reading, and takes you on a wild ride with gods, superbeings, msyticism and a healthy dose of gritty prison sex. It’s superbly written – the theology/mythology well thought out, and complex, and the main characters, Ash and Keiran, are fascinating, hardly perfect but raw and brave and larger than life. The plots turns leave you breathless and it’s not the kind of thing to start reading late at night, because you’ll hate your alarm clock in the morning!

Graphic sex and violence add to the intense sensual punch of this full length novel. Highly recommended.


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