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Sweat Anthology – Review

Rating: 7/10 ★★★★★★★☆☆☆ 

Title: Sweat, A Torquere Press Taste Test
Authors: AJ Wilde, Anfernee Williamson and James Buchanan
Publisher: Torquere Press
Purchase URL: Torquere Press
Price: US$2.49
Warnings: explicit m/m sex, graphic language.

Publisher’s description: Sports. Sweaty men grappling with each other for the ball or plying blades with dramatic precision. The Sweat Taste Test tantalizes us with three stories about men and the games they play.

AJ Wilde’s Twenty-Four takes on a physical trainer who needs his lover to do a little more to climb out of depression, before he does something he’ll regret. Anfernee Williamson brings us a story of just how much two football buddies care about each other, and what they’ll do to show it. James Buchanan’s fencing story takes on what happens when two adversaries come together after a match and admire each others’ skills. Among other things.

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Broomsticks & Stones by Jane Davitt – review

Rating: 7.5/10 ★★★★★★★½☆☆ Title: Broomsticks & Stones
Author: Jane Davitt
Genre: Romance, Fantasy
URL: Torquere Press
Price: US$1.95
Other Information/warnings: explicit m/m, naughty words
Summary (from author):
Set in a modern world where magic is a regular part of life, Broomsticks and Stones is the story of young lawyer, Peter Carruthers, who is entrusted with a task involving the delivery of a gem to Scotland, to be handed over to the new head of a clan.

Traveling by broomstick in a blizzard, Peter crashes and is lucky enough to find shelter with Jamie MacGellis who, when he finds out what Peter plans to do, has ideas of his own for the gem — and for Peter.

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Heard on high by Lee Benoit – a review

Rating: 7/10 ★★★★★★★☆☆☆ 
Title: Heard on High
Author: Lee Benoit
Genre: Romance
URL: Torquere Press
Other Information/warnings:explicit m/m, naughty words
Summary (from author):
Hal is a composer and director of the local gay men’s chorus. Arlie’s a young tenor who comes highly recommended, but his voice doesn’t measure up to his reputation. Hal likes Arlie a lot, though, and decides to take a chance on him as something more than a singer.

My review:
This is a cute seasonal short from an adept writer who just loves her porny little choir boys and their naughty songs. The premise of the story – a boy soprano who doesn’t live up to his early promise when his voice breaks – is all too believable, and though it’s a teeny bit schmaltzy, it’s not too over the top. Arlie has enough sass to leaven the sugar, and he and Hal make a hot little couple. A gay men’s chorus provide the comedy and the snark as counterpoint to the romantic goings on.

A warm and fuzzy accompaniment to mulled wine and mince pies, it doesn’t outstay its welcome at 10,000 words, and if your gorge is rising at the 5,000th rendition of ‘Away in a manger’ or ‘Walking in the air’, this could be the perfect antidote to seasonal floss.