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Always Someone Better by Tsukizubon Saruko – review

Rating: 9/10 ★★★★★★★★★☆ 
Title: Always Someone Better
Author: Tsukizubon Saruko
Genre: College/football/contemporary
URL: Shousetsu Bang*Bang no.16
Price: FREE!
Other Information/warnings: explicit m/m, football

River hates Austin for being the successful college footballer turned pro that River will never be. But hating Austin is impossible. What’s an overbright wannabe jock gonna do?

[Found through the Slash Pile community on LiveJournal]

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Cheesecake and the Art of Political Warfare by Sakara Sana – review

Rating: 9/10 ★★★★★★★★★☆ 
Title: Cheesecake and the Art of Political Warfare
Author: Sakana Sara
Genre: Political comedy/science fiction
URL: Shousetsu Bang*Bang
Price: FREE
Other Information/warnings: explicit m/m, language

In a distant future, across hundreds of worlds, a very, very important election is taking place, with eerie similarities to, uh…well, you’ll figure it out.

My review: If the bastard daughter of Red Dwarf and Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy had a lovechild with Aaron Sorkin, its slash fandom would produce something like this. Part satire, part nail biting political plot, part truly weird love story, you will recognise more than a few echoes of real people and real events, though with an original and very funny spin.

The untold story of the election we might just have one day. Oh, yes we can 🙂 Highly recommended, not least for the wonderful lead characters, Adam and Danos.


Dead Man’s Rain and The Mister Trophy by Frank Tuttle – review

Rating: 9/10 ★★★★★★★★★☆ Title: Dead Man’s Rain and The Mister Trophy
Author: Frank Tuttle
Genre: Fantasy crime noir 🙂
URL: Samhain Publishing
Price: Dead Man’s Rain – US$3.50, The Mister Trophy – US$2.50
Other Information/warnings:Violence
Summary [from the publisher]:
Dead Man’s Rain
Can a haunted man help the dead find peace?
Markhat is a Finder, charged with the post-war task of tracking down sons and fathers gone suddenly missing when an outbreak of peace left the army abandoned where they stood. But now it’s ten years on after the war, and about all he’s finding is trouble.

This time, trouble comes in the form of a rich widow with a problem. Her dearly departed husband, Ebed Merlat, keeps ambling back from the grave for nocturnal visits. Markhat saw a lot during the war, but he’s never seen anyone, rich or poor, rise from the grave and go tromping around the landscape. But for the right price, he’s willing to look into it.
As a storm gathers and night falls, Markhat finds darker things than even murder lurk amid the shadows of House Merlat.

The Mister Trophy
All the finder Markhat wanted was a beer at Eddie’s. Instead he gets a case that will bring him face to fang with crazed, blood-craving halfdead, a trio of vengeful Troll warriors, and Mama Hog’s backstreet magic. Plus, the possible resurgence of the Troll War.
All right in his own none-too-quiet neighborhood.
Through the town of Rannit’s narrow alleys and mean streets, Markhat tries to stay one step ahead of disaster. And ignore Mama Hog’s dire warnings that this time, the head that rolls could be his own.

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Channeling Morpheus: Rebirth by Jordan Castillo Price – review

Rating: 9/10 ★★★★★★★★★☆ Title: Channeling Morpheus: Rebirth
Author: Jordan Castillo Price
Genre: Vampire/paranormal
URL: Changeling Press
Price: US $4.49
Other Information/warnings: Violence, blood, graphic m/m.
Michael has never put much stock in clichés, but there’s one he probably should have listened to: You can never go home again.

His family assures him that plenty of young people take a few semesters off between high school and college, that a year of travel is practically a prerequisite nowadays. Somehow Michael’s neglected to mention he’s not just driving around aimlessly, stopping only to have sex with his chain-smoking boyfriend — he’s hunting vampires.

After a disastrous family reunion, Michael unearths a vampire commune where he and Wild Bill can settle down. But Michael is the only human in residence, and the other vampires can’t stop themselves from sniffing around him. In the words of Wild Bill, “This can’t be good.”

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Channeling Morpheus series by Jordan Castillo Price – review

Rating: 9/10 ★★★★★★★★★☆ Title: Channeling Morpheus series
Author: Jordan Castillo Price
Genre: Vampire/paranormal
URL: Changeling Press
Price: $3.49 for the first two of the four novellas in the series, Payback and Vertigo, $3.99 for the last two, Mannikin and Tainted.
Other Information/warnings: Violence, blood play, dubious consent, graphic m/m.
Michael is a vampire hunter after vampires who don’t just stop at feeding on humans. Wild Bill is a vampire who doesn’t want to get entangled with any human, least of all a hunter all too comfortable with killing his kind, even if it’s just the bad guys. But Michael and Bill have an attraction which transcends all their barriers and reluctance, so the only question now is – how the hell do they make it work?

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Letters to Montgomery Clift by Noel Alumit – review

Rating: 9/10 ★★★★★★★★★☆ 

Title: Letters to Montgomery Clift
Author: Noel Alumit
Genre: Literary Fiction
URL: Amazon.com
Price: US$12.55
Warnings: Explicit m/m sex, violence.
Summary [from publisher]: “Praying is not enough–better put it in writing!’ Bong Bong Luwad is living with his selfish Auntie Yuna in L.A., far from his Philippine village, the Marcos regime, and his mother who helped him escape. Bong Bong spends his nights watching old movies on TV, while Auntie Yuna writes pleading letters to saints and dead relatives. One night on the late-late movie, Bong Bong finds his own saint: Montgomery Clift, playing a soldier who helps a lost boy find his mother. Can Monty do the same for him? He gets out a pencil and paper and thus begins a series of extraordinary events that carry him from boyhood to adolescence, through sexual awakening, madness, and finally back to a place where he can begin his life again. Letters to Montgomery Clift is a novel of endurance and hope. It is a tale of growing up, coming out, and going home.

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Fixer Chao by Han Ong – review

Rating: 9/10 ★★★★★★★★★☆ Title: Fixer Chao
Author: Han Ong
Genre: Satire, dark humor
URL: Amazon.com
Price: US$15.00
Other Information/Warnings: violence, dark humor, murder
Summary (from the publisher): William Paulinha, a Filipino street hustler, is in the early days of self-imposed reform when he meets Schem C., a failed writer ostracized by New York City’s literati.  Shem recruits Paulinha to retaliate against the community that spurned him, and under Shem’s guidance, Paulinha becomes Master Chao, a revered practitioner of Feng Shui–the Chinese art of creating a harmonious environment that promises its adherents peace and prosperity.  As this latter-day confidence man cuts a swath through upper-crust society, his biting observations form a comic picaresque of class resentment and revenge.

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Whistling in the dark by Tamara Allen – Review

Rating: 9.5/10 ★★★★★★★★★½ Title: Whistling in the Dark
Author: Tamara Allen
Historical Romance (early Twentieth century)

NB: Book has been rereleased through Lethe Press and is available at allromanceebooks.com for $6.40

Other Information/warnings: Violence
Summary [from the publisher]:
New York, 1919. His career as a concert pianist ended by a war injury, Sutton Albright returns to college, only to be expelled after an affair with a teacher. Unable to face his family, he heads to New York with no plans and little money—only a desire to call his life his own.
Jack Bailey’s life has changed as well. After losing his parents in the influenza epidemic, he hopes to save their beloved novelty shop—now his—by advertising on the radio, barely more than a novelty, itself. Sutton lands work in Jack’s corner of the city and the two conclude they couldn’t be less suited for friendship. But when Sutton loses his job, Jack gives him a place to stay.

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Maloney’s Law by Anne Brooke – review

Rating: 9/10 ★★★★★★★★★☆ Title: Maloney’s Law
Author: Anne Brooke
Genre: Crime, mystery
URL: PD Publishing
Price: US$15.99 / UK£ 4.73
Other Information/warnings: Violence, explicit m/m
Summary [from the publisher]:
Paul Maloney, a small-time private investigator from London, reluctantly accepts a case from his married ex-lover, Dominic Allen. Before he knows it, Paul finds himself embroiled in the dark dealings of big business and the sordid world of international crime. The deeper he pushes, the closer he comes to losing everything he holds dear.
Can he solve the mystery and protect those he loves before it’s too late
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