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Martyrs & Monsters by Robert Dunbar

Rating: 9/10 ★★★★★★★★★☆ 
Martyrs & Monsters
Author: Robert Dunbar
Genre: Horror/Dark Fiction, GLBT Fiction
URL: Amazon
Price: US$17.99 (list)
Warnings: Well, it’s horror, so violence, drug use, murder, and mayhem. The usual.

Summary (from the publisher): Robert Dunbar has been called one of the “saviors of contemporary dark fiction” and an “avatar of literary horror.” Martyrs & Monsters runs the gamut of this extraordinary author’s narrative range, embracing vampires and sea serpents, werewolves and swamp creatures . . . as well as a host of nightmares for which no names exist. Whether set on an orbiting space station or within a haunted tenement, these terrifying tales are steeped in a passionate intensity that renders them all but unique within the genre, and all boast a sophistication that qualifies them as that rarest of rare commodities: horror for adults.

My Review: If Alfred Hitchcock were alive today and desired to “re-imagine” his 1948 classic “Rope,” he’d want Robert Dunbar to write the screenplay. Guaranteed. Continue reading Martyrs & Monsters by Robert Dunbar