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Masquerade by Clare London – review

Title: Masquerade (anthology)
Author: Clare London
Genre: Romance, paranormal, horror
URL: Eternal Press (go to new releases)
Price: $4.95 (available for pre-order. Released 7 December)
Other Information/warnings: explicit m/m, violence, dark/horror themes/scenes

Summary [from the publisher]:
Four explicit, seductive tales to entertain and enthral.
In BONDED, Chancellor Chariz imprisons a young man with strange ways and a shocking power. Chariz seeks only sexual entertainment, but Oriel offers something in return that will transform his captor forever.
In THREADBARE, Edward takes a young mill worker under his protection, and is drawn into a web of beauty and mystery. What price will he pay for the delight and passion that Mori brings him?
In POSSESSION, Lucas is the passionate heir to an Auction House. When charismatic Gideon Arnaud intrudes into his life, pursuing him professionally and personally, Lucas struggles to keep both his freedom and sanity.
In TRICKERY, two servants are brave adventurers on their Prince’s Quest until, hijacked by a lusty Magician, they are dragged into a murky and magically sexy mess.

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Where to? by Clarediva – review

Title: Where to?
Author: Clarediva
Genre: Drama
URL: http://claredivatoo.livejournal.com/17036.html
Other Information/warnings:m/m

A chauffeur is asked for more than the usual service. Written for the picfor1000 2007 challenge:
http://community.livejournal.com/picfor1000/My review:
Clarediva takes what could be a fairly boring cliched situation and turns it cleverly into something else, where we care about the characters, and yearn to know more of their story. Excellent use of her 1000 word limit.