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Rampant by Eric Del Carlo – review

Rating: 6/10 ★★★★★★☆☆☆☆ Title: Rampant
Author: Eric Del Carlo
Genre: Fantasy, Erotica
URL: Loose ID
Price: US$6.99
Other Information/warnings: explicit m/m, horror, violence
Summary [from the publisher]:
Wyst’s forbidden intimacy with the Hex, Village’s mysterious goddess, leaves him with a damning stain and prompts his banishment. Denied the comforts of home’s orgiastic Reproduction Galas, Wyst wanders to City, a strange and plague-ridden place. Here he chances upon Gamomal, an exterminator of insects.
Amidst the fear and chaos, the two men are relentlessly drawn to one another. They carve out a tiny island of erotic pleasure, even as Wyst takes employment as a collector of the bodies of the plague victims.
But Wyst may have a deeper purpose. The Hex has charged him with curing the plague, though she has provided no specific instructions. How is he to accomplish this? Is it possible his body the instrument of salvation?

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Blood in the Water by Eric Del Carlo – review

Rating: 5/10 ★★★★★☆☆☆☆☆ Title: Blood in the Water
Author: Eric Del Carlo
Genre: m/m erotica, speculative fiction
URL: LooseID
Price: $4.99
Warnings: Violence, explicit m/m sex
Summary (from the Publisher): Cut loose from all the trappings of normal society, BlaqJaq and Nickerson, the heroes of Steel Sleet, blaze a trail of carnal exploration through Earth’s tropical wilds. Battling lawless cutthroats at every turn, they discover at the river’s end the ramshackle aquatic city known as New New Orleans. Here, amidst the fumes of alcohol, the sheen of naked, sweaty flesh and the jangle of music, they find the spirit of the old drowned city very much alive.

They are also presented with an opportunity: if they can defeat an opposing team in the upcoming bloodsport of Carnival, the two men will earn themselves an escape from this hostile and decaying Earth. With only a short time to prepare for the lethal contest, they are faced with their ultimate challenge. Bound together by love and honor, BlaqJaq and Nickerson must survive the deadly competition that was once, long ago, known as Mardi Gras.

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