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One year on by Naomi Noelle – review

Title: One year on
Author: Naomi Noelle
Genre: Romance, humour
URL: http://www.fictionpress.com/s/1790898/1/
Other Information/warnings:none
Going from having a girlfriend to having a boyfriend requires some life adjustments and changes in attitudes.

This was just fun, made me laugh a couple of times, made me smile most of the way through. The dialogue is sharp and amusing, the voices sound authentic, as do the experiences. High enjoyable.


Care and feeding by Shinju Yuri – review

Title: Care and feeding
Author:Shinju Yuri
Genre: Romance, fantasy
URL: http://s2b2.livejournal.com/20488.html
Other Information/warnings: involves fantasy anthropomorphic creatures
‘The first time Sakito met Hiraku, Hiraku was wearing a shirt that said YOU LOOK TASTY in English, with a pair of cherries as the two ‘o’s in ‘look’. Sakito walked past and Hiraku reached out, caught his hand and said, “I’m a fox. Can I eat you?” ‘


What a sweet (in all senses of the word) and lovely treat – rich, sensual, very, very funny, and a romantic and touching fairy tale as well as being a non-sappy story of two boys in love (one of whom is a kitsune – Japanese fox spirit). Some delicious illustrations and recipes, deftly written and engaging. Very much recommended.


Fall by Alex Draven

Rating: 9/10 ★★★★★★★★★☆ 
Author: Alex Draven
Genre: Urban Fantasy
URL: On Livejournal and Smashwords
Other Information/warnings: violence
Patrocles the centaur thought he had left the herd. But a young colt seems to be trying to horn in on his territory.

My review:

This is one of the most unusual fantasy stories I’ve ever read, and the fact it’s slash is almost incidental (which is my favourite way of dealing with the slash genre). Pet has been evicted from his herd, and is in pain and in a spiral of self-destruction. Matthias is looking for a home, a mentor…and more. Two powerful creatures, thrown together, in an electric, violent situation where they have to deal with their past and their inheritance, or die.

Draven has created an angry, mythic, vulnerable man in Pet, and the imagery of two stallions circling, sorting out dominance, place in the hierarchy, is compelling, beautifully handled, and poetic in description and execution. You won’t regret reading this.


Lovebirds by The Dystopian – review

Title: Lovebirds
Author: The Dystopian
Genre: Prostitute sex
URL: http://the-dystopian.livejourn
Other Information/warnings: explicit m/m, consent issues

A rent boy and his boyfriend perform for a john.
My review:
Oh my, this is so not the kind of story I usually like, and there are so many things which would normally throw me out, but it *works*. You start off thinking it’s just a little porny piece and then…it’s really not, and to dismiss this as just stroke fic, is to miss the intensity of the emotions, the beauty of the squalid little situation and the people in it. You really need to read this one. Stunning.


Giving the Devil his due by Kaethe – review

Title: Giving the Devil his due
Author: Katie
Genre: Fantasy/mythological/romance
Other Information/warnings: reference to (possibly) underage sexual attraction

Another entry in the original fiction Ficathon 2

Love across lifetimes, second chances and hope
My review:
This is a lovely, bittersweet story of loss and reincarnation, that captures the pain of immortality and the enduring power of love. Nicely written, doesn’t outstay its welcome, a pleasure to read.


When you are out on the road by Ephemera – review

Title: When you are out on the road
Author: Ephemera
Genre: Road trip, romance
URL: http://ephemera-tales.livejour
Other Information/warnings:m/m
Entry in the Original Fic Ficathon 2

A man uses a road trip to console his best friend who’s trying to get over the breakup of a long-term relationship. In the nature of such things, the journey is as much about discovery, as travel.My review:

This is just a gorgeous little short story – a tight set up, well-written dialogue, and characters, despite the brevity of the story, who really come alive and make you care about them. A wealth of minor tics and details weaves a rich picture of interactions between Beck and Sam, best friends for like forever, and while it might not be the most original set up in the world, it really doesn’t matter. Highly recommended.


Verdict by Parhelion – review

Title: Verdict
Author: Parehlion
Genre: Crime, BDSM
URL: truetales.org/
Part of the October 2005 issue of ‘True Tales
Other Information/warnings:Explicit sexual content, BDSM, violence
A deputy sheriff wants more than justice from the judge in his courtroom

My review:

Parhelion is just one of those incredible authors who can pick a historical period or genre and get the voice so very accurately, you don’t realise you’re reading pastiche at all. I have to admit I was less amazed by this story than by the one of his I’d previously reviewed (Masks), but that doesn’t mean that Verdict isn’t enthralling or entertaining, or challenging. He doesn’t believe in stereotypical protagonists, and the older man, the less beautiful man, gets to strut their stuff in his stories as much as the pretty boys. The narrator in this is about as atypical as they come, so is his object of passion and the sex itself is also refreshingly outside the norm. It’s tender, erotic, but also intellectual – perhaps the personal interaction is better done than the actual sex, but it’s all good, and as an examination of unrequited desires finding an outlet, you’ll find few if any better stories handling the theme.


Pumpkin Muffins on a Busy Street by Ree – review

Title: Pumpkin Muffins on a Busy Street
Author: Ree
Genre: Romance, humour
URL: www.fictionpress.com…
Other Information/warnings: none
Two boys fight over a muffin in a busy street. Er…and that’s it 🙂
My review:
This is feather light, a little one-shot, very cute and plausible, and shows that you can pack a lot of fun, romance and interaction into a very short piece.

Check out her other stories, most of which are WIPs sadly, but you can at least add her to your Author Alerts. One to watch.


Issues, Envelopes and Homophobes by FeatherJunkie – review

Title: Issues, Envelopes and Homophobes
Author: FeatherJunkie
Genre: High school romance
URL: www.fictionpress.com
Other Information/warnings: none
A sixteen year old boy has to write to a ‘pen pal’ in his own school as part of a school assignment. This does not amuse him.

My review:
First of all, I have to thank my friend Masha for giving me the link to this. It’s lightweight cute, funny and undemanding, but gets many bonus points for the novelty of the story telling method (a genuine epistolatory story, and well-handled), the clean writing (and decent editing too, which is very nice to see), the distinct and honest sounding voices, and for a couple of plot twists I didn’t see coming.

A thoroughly enjoyable little treat.


Collection of reviews for Velvet Mafia Issue no.1

URL: velvetmafia.com/archive.php

‘Snow’ by Jameson Currier

This is a mood piece, a narrator suffering from cabin fever in a blizzard, and perhaps from a greater ennui with life. Poetic, beautiful – nothing much happens but we get an insight into the emptiness of the life of a single gay man, travelling on business.


‘Enough Oxygen’ by Marshall Moore

WARNINGS: child physical and sexual abuse, violence, mental illness. Not ‘slash’ as such, though the narrator is gay.

A difficult, painful and powerful story, about a young man pushed past his limits by a horrific home life. Not for the faint-hearted or easily upset.


‘Human again’ by Mel Smith

WARNINGS: violence
Another difficult story about two homeless men, lovers in the most difficult of circumstances. Starkly beautiful, uplifting yet sad. Again, not for the easily upset.


Photography by Jack Slomovits
WARNING: explicit photographs at this link. NOT WORK SAFE

Not a story but a gallery of homoerotic photos. Very tasteful, very nice.

There were other stories in this issue which might appeal to you – none of them were illiterate, they just weren’t my cup of tea. None of them grabbed me the way ‘Snow’ did, from the first words, but could be well worth a look.