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Fixer Chao by Han Ong – review

Rating: 9/10 ★★★★★★★★★☆ Title: Fixer Chao
Author: Han Ong
Genre: Satire, dark humor
URL: Amazon.com
Price: US$15.00
Other Information/Warnings: violence, dark humor, murder
Summary (from the publisher): William Paulinha, a Filipino street hustler, is in the early days of self-imposed reform when he meets Schem C., a failed writer ostracized by New York City’s literati.  Shem recruits Paulinha to retaliate against the community that spurned him, and under Shem’s guidance, Paulinha becomes Master Chao, a revered practitioner of Feng Shui–the Chinese art of creating a harmonious environment that promises its adherents peace and prosperity.  As this latter-day confidence man cuts a swath through upper-crust society, his biting observations form a comic picaresque of class resentment and revenge.

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