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The Silent Hustler by Sean Meriwether

Rating: 10/10 ★★★★★★★★★★ 

Title: The Silent Hustler
Author: Sean Meriwether
Genre: contemporary literary fiction, erotica, single author anthology
URL: Amazon
Price: US$15.00
Other information/warnings: Explicit content.
Summary (from the publisher): Best known for being the editor of edgy gay fiction of the Velvet Mafia website, Sean Meriwether has quietly been writing short fiction and building up a body of his own work. The Silent Hustler collects his short fiction published over the last decade. Meriwether’s fiction spans in range from the literary (“Things I Can’t Tell My Father”) to the revolutionary (“Burn the Rich”) to the downright raunchy (“Sneaker Queen”). Slip into bed with The Silent Hustler. You won’t feel guilty in the morning.

My Review: Continue reading The Silent Hustler by Sean Meriwether


Hands by Sean Meriwether – review

Rating: 8.5/10 ★★★★★★★★½☆ Title: Hands
Author: Sean Meriwether
Genre: m/m erotica, dark fiction
URL: Velvet Mafia: Dangerous Queer Fiction
Price: Free
Other Information/Warnings: Explicit m/m sex, violence (anything more would be a spoiler)
Summary (from the publisher): When David realizes that his hands have rebelled against his body, he seeks medical attention. But once those hands discover the body of David’s boyfriend and bring him to a heightened level of ecstasy, David must take action against his adulterous Hands.

My Review:

Just in time for Halloween, Velvet Mafia presents Sean Meriwether’s macabre story, Hands. It is a short little piece, but Meriwether–as usual–uses its simplicity to pack a lot in. It is alternately highly erotic and deeply disturbing in an almost humorous way, with the clean and concise prose I’ve come to expect from Meriwether, prose that manages to create an atmospere completely appropriate to the season. You can almost see the fog rolling in as David stands on the train platform. In the tradition of Rod Serling, Night Gallery or The Twilight Zone, this story is fun, funny and very dark. If you like a little of the macabre mixed with your erotica, this five minute read will not disappoint.