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Practical Purposes by Yeva Weist – review

Rating: 6.5/10 ★★★★★★½☆☆☆ 
Title: Practical Purposes
Author: Yeva Weist
Genre: Black comedy
URL: Once upon a bookstore
Price: US $3.50
Other Information/warnings: violence, language, homophobic attitudes

Summary [from the publisher]:
What should a white Irish Catholic boy wear to his black, gay lover’s family funeral?
A gun, if he’s smart.
Good old boys and the dog from hell await Zachary O’Boyle when he arrives in 1977 Salem, Texas, hoping to show his support after his boyfriend James’s aunt dies. By the time he gets there, James is already missing, and the only locals willing to help find him are no match for Ole “King” Cole’s plan to keep James in the closet where all family skeletons belong.
Practical Purposes is a bitingly funny look at the personal truths behind prejudice, homophobia and other precious family memories.

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