Kourt/Blaine stories by Layna – review

Title: Various (first is ‘Saga of the Spare Prince’)
Author: Layna (some co-written with Hiperbunny)
Genre: Original Character slash set in the Star Wars universe
URL: http://www.squidge.org/~foxsde
(follow link to Layna’s Lounge, then scroll down to the stories marked as ‘From the KCFC’)

Other Information/warnings: graphic content
NB – this is not strictly original slash, but no characters appear from the SW universe, and other than the reference to Kourt being a Jedi, there is no other interaction with that world. All characters are original creations by this author

Kourt is a Jedi Knight sent to act as a bodyguard to Blaine a ‘spare’ prince whose brother (the ‘heir’) is suffering repeated assassination attempts. And…stuff happens :)My review:

First of all, I’ve been thinking hard whether this review belongs on this site, because of the use of a borrowed universe. The only real way to describe this is ‘original character slash’ but since there is no necessity to know the slightest thing about the SW universe, characters or plot, and the ‘canon’ never makes the least appearance, I read these and treat them as being so close to original writing as makes little difference (but feel free to tell me that I’m wrong – part of the reason I’m posting this is to get people’s opinions as to whether they want to see this kind of thing recced).

But now the stories – put simply, they’re just a delight. Kourt is your classic big strong silent repressed shape-changing alien, and Blaine is a happy little slut with a heart of gold and nary a trace of inhibition. There’s actually a decent plot about politics and assassination attempts, but the stories are about these two men becoming friends and… well, it’s *slash*, what do you think they’re going to become? I fell in love with both of them from the first story – the writing is mostly sharp and funny, the sex is hot, and the dialogue very witty. There’s a bit of unevenness that comes from the multiple authoring, and towards the end, a regrettable amount of sap, but the early stories are huge fun. Very often OC slash in other people’s universes means Mary Sues – this doesn’t, and what they have done is simply create their own world and characters and rules set in a galaxy far far away. And a very nice job they’ve done of it too