Pleasure by Heather Elizabeth Peterson – review

Title: Pleasure
Author: Heather Elizabeth Peterson
Genre: Fantasy/sci-fi
URL: remyheart.slashcity….

Other Information/warnings: Part of Remy’s ‘Northern Corporate Dominion’ universe, so the same warnings apply – graphic content, non-con, slavery and violence

Tell the story of two minor characters from the main ‘Norther Corporate Dominion’ stories:
"Egon had a position that won him respect, friends who raised his spirits, and lovers who gave him pleasure. Then a man came into his life who would take all that away from him. If Egon was lucky. "My review:

The author takes two of the least sympathetic characters from the main arc and makes us give a damn, without sentimentalising them or making them less loathsome than they already are. In other words, she’s a bloody genius. Again, not fluffy, not comfortable, but magnificent nonetheless.