Summer Moved On, an artbook by Michael Breyette – review

Rating: 10/10 ★★★★★★★★★★ 
Title: Summer Moved On
Artist: Michael Breyette
Genre: Homoerotic portraiture
URL: Artist’s site / Amazon USA / Amazon Canada / Amazon UK
Price: US$38.95 / UK£ £15.96
Other Information/warnings: Nudity, including genitalia and full erections.

An art book of homoerotic portraits, men in all stages of undress and situations in the summer sun. Sample pages available here.

My review:
I was given this limited edition signed copy as a gift, and I suspect it will end up being one of my more valuable possessions, as this young artist is bound to become a leading figure in this field. He’s too talented, his art too accessible and delicious for his work not to be widely loved and collected.

The art in Summer Moved On is gorgeous – rich, lush and vivid. The men are physically attractive but highly varied, and one gets the sense that these are real people, pulled from real lives and jobs – not bored models, but lovers, friends, acquaintances. Staring frankly and proudly at the artist while he sketches, proud of their beauty, proud of their sexuality. Not every image is explicit, but the artist manages to convey that same pride even when the model remains decently clad. These men love who they are, and that they are attractive to other men.

It’s also a book showing men in love, making love, sexually attracted, friends with each other. They’re in pools, showers, Turkish baths, on the beach, working on the farm (though one hopes they’re wearing sunscreen to protect, er, sensitive parts!), in beds, bathrooms, on parade and in private. Many are sensuous, some witty (the guy who’s, ahem, hung like a horse, tickled me no end), some political, many tender, capturing moments of gentle sweetness between lovers like the two guys cuddling on the edge of a canyon, or one serving breakfast in bed to his man. Some are frankly erotic, some are suggestive, some are quietly admiring of male beauty like the man lying on his bed reading the papers in his underwear. Nothing graphic, just an appreciation of skin and musculature in a disarming pose.

Two men making love on the hood of a car in the rain was one of the most beautiful and well composed images in the book, in a collection of pictures which are, each and every one, a standout. What’s also worth noting is that these men aren’t freaks. They’re cut, but not ridiculously so. Cocks are normal size, shown flaccid or erect as necessary without any need to ‘porn them up’. A guy has arse hair, the artist shows it. A cliché to say the models almost seem to want to walk off the pages, but it’s true here. The naturalistic poses, the rich depiction of skin tones and hair, the attention to the smallest detail, give life to these beautiful creatures.

I could rave about this for hours. Instead, I’ll just say if you love beautiful men, you should buy this book. There’s only a small number of this limited edition left, but you can obtain it second hand. Buy it new though, if you can, because you’ll want to cherish it. Absolutely stunning.