Territory by Kit Zheng – review

Rating: 8.5/10 ★★★★★★★★½☆ Title: Territory
Author: Kit Zheng
Genre: Paranormal/werewolves
URL: Torquere Press
Other Information/warnings:Violence, explicit m/m, D/s situations
Summary [from the publisher]:
Things haven’t been going well between chief Nick Gretzky and his newest recruit, former big city cop Clayton Detweiler. Both men are growing restless as their relationship, which was all about compatible needs, begins to change. Then Clayton disappears, just as an old enemy of Grezky’s, Emil, shows up in town.Emil wants nothing less that Gretzky’s territory– all of it, including Clayton. And he seems to know how to push both men to the very edge. Will Clayton side with Gretzky and show his boss how much they mean to each other? Or will the both succumb to Emil’s wicked games?

My review:I’m not a fan of werewolf stories – I know virtually nothing about them other than what I gleaned from An American Werewolf in London and Buffy the Vampire Slayer. This story is also a sequel (to Torn), something I didn’t realise until I came to write this review. So I felt a little adrift in this as the author assumes the reader knows the mythology and her particular world.

No matter, because it quickly grabbed me. What’s not to like? Big, well-built strong men, smutty, hard D/s-like sex, a really nasty bad, and guys who actually sound like guys. That is, they can’t talk about their feelings, they’d rather fuck than talk, fight than fuck almost. A few POV issues aside, this was a gripping and satisfying read. Though I didn’t get all the background between Clayton and Gretzky, I got their relationship right away (before I realised they were werewolves, in fact). They’re the complete antithesis of the milquetoast bottoms, and the overly sensitive tops so often found in this genre. They bite each other, claw, mark, rut – and yet Zheng manages to convey their bond quite powerfully. I’ve had some issues with this author’s writing in the past, and I would still like her to stick more closely to one POV at a time, making it clearer who the narrator is, but this is an excellent piece of work about the senses, lust, needs, craving, and dominance. Very forceful, strong, vibrant language, makes the sex and fight scenes in this spring to life. You can smell the semen, the sweat, the testosterone.

In short, it’s what so many erotic stories aren’t – arousing and exciting, with a damn good plot and relationship along with it. The tension between Emil, Clayton and Gretzky is so well drawn – the scenes with Emil and Clayton are especially powerful.

This piece has real balls. If you want hot, hard men doing hot hard things to each other with cocks, teeth and words, then this will not disappoint. It’s a long way from porn, and is highly recommended to those who like the paranormal genre – and maybe even those who haven’t read in it before.