Painting From Life by Anne Brooke

Rating: 9/10 ★★★★★★★★★☆ 
Title: Painting From Life
Author: Anne Brooke
Genre: Contemporary, sweet
URL: Eternal Press
Price: US $2.50
Other Information/warnings: A couple of swear words
An artist in a dying marriage, meets the love of his life, and rediscovers his passion for his work.

My review:

This is a story about love in its purest form – no romance, no sex, just a man giving and receiving affection and comfort, from the most unlikely of sources. Anne Brooke weaves an exquisitely beautiful story about an artist choking to death in a marriage where his wife feels she can’t compete with his art. Forced to choose, the artist simply can’t forgo his painting, nor the old man he meets by the sea.

It’s a short story—only 5k in length—with not a wasted word or cheap emotion, and yet says more about enduring love than a novel could. The author is a skilled wordsmith, and if you give this little piece a chance, you will be beguiled and moved. Thoroughly recommended.