Like a Sparrow Through the Heart by Aggy Bird

Rating: 8/10 ★★★★★★★★☆☆ 
Title: Like a Sparrow Through the Heart
Author:Aggy Bird
Genre: Fantasy/shapeshifter
URL: Fiction Index on LJ
Price: FREE
Other Information/warnings: Violence, horrible puns, explicit m/m
Summary [from the author]:
Talon the griffin is broken-hearted – so, can you really blame him for not-quite-accidentally trying to kill a guy? Flit the sparrow sure can. Now the sparrow has taken over Talon’s life, and Talon hates it. But maybe things will turn out all right. If only Flit would stop decorating the place.

My review: My dear friend, distressed moonchild, pointed this out to me, warning me not to start reading it just as I was heading to bed because I wouldn’t be able to stop. Silly me, I ignored her – and she was right.

‘Sparrow’ is huge fun – full of terrible jokes and puns, great snark between Flit, the sparrow shapeshifter (don’t worry – all sex is in human form) who works as an advice columnist, and Talon, an avian law enforcer (think of a feathered Brute Squad), whom Flit has inadvertently offended in more ways than one. Flit is sharp, witty, queeny, and prone to stabbing people with pens who upset him. Talon is thuggish, muscled, and broken-hearted over the loss of his love and best friend – a fact he blames Flit for. But Flit has won two months of personal service and residence in Talon’s house, and somehow this odd couple have to learn to get along. Talon might just kill Flit if Flit doesn’t stop trying to fix him up with blind dates though.

It’s a fast-paced tale of love and angst, and completely absorbing. And hey, free! The writing isn’t as clean as pro level, but I’ve seen less polished stuff actually published, and damn, this could be a hit if she ever tried to sell it.

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