Life, Over Easy by K A Mitchell

Rating: 8.5/10 ★★★★★★★★½☆ 
Title: Life, Over Easy
Author: K. A. Mitchell
Genre: Modern/paranormal
URL: Samhain Publishing
Price: US $5.50
Other Information/warnings: explicit sexual content, reference to past serious accidental injuries, some supernatural content
Summary [from the publisher]:

Until a fall ended his Olympic diving career, John Andrews lived for the seconds he spent in the air. Now he’s adrift on a college campus, grounded by paralyzing vertigo and double vision. Worse, he sees shimmering colors over everyone’s heads.

The last is hardest to ignore, and impossible when it comes to Mason. While sex with the hot, moody computer major gives John a rush as heady as diving, Mason’s the only person John’s ever seen surrounded by two distinct colors.

Mason feels like a stranger in his own life. His lover is dead, and he drowns his guilt in bourbon and sex—until John’s innocence reawakens the man he used to be. After Mason gives the young virgin a proper introduction to sex, he plans to send him on his way. But John sees too much to make things that easy.

For John, their connection is more than just sizzling sex, it’s something worth fighting for. The more he learns about the colors, though, the more he realizes the free-spirited Mason isn’t free at all. John doesn’t take second place to anyone—even the dead.

My review: By the time I was about ten pages into this book, I was grinning. We had a disabled protag, being done very well. Bad sex, done credibly and amusingly. Great characters, great set up. Thirty pages in and I was crying. That’s when I started to curse K A effing Mitchell for spoiling me so badly. After I read her books, I expect every other author to be this brilliant and…they just aren’t. She’s one of a kind.

But about a hundred pages in, the woo woo started, and I began to lose faith. This wasn’t what I expected from this story, and I was afraid it was going to go places I would find a tad sickly.

Mostly it avoided those places, though I did think the way the supernatural plot device was handled was a little pat. What it definitely was, was over too soon. I was just getting past the woo-woo thing, getting back into John and Mason and wham bam thank you ma’am, it was over!

Huh. And I wanted more, damn it! I wanted more, because though the beautifully written and hot sex scenes were fabulous and character building, there really wasn’t enough between John and Mason at the end to justify where they got to, and Mason’s recovery was simply too fast. In fact, I was left feeling rather cheated by Mason because though a lot of people kept telling him and us what an asshole he was and how he had to make amends for that at various points, he didn’t seem as fucked up as he could be considering what he’d gone through. John was great, and I loved how his disability was described and woven into the story, and how he coped with the grief of losing his fitness and sports career. Mason just didn’t seem that well fleshed out, though he’s got a lot of potential.

A cast of great supporting characters is par for the course with this author, and I see she’s setting up a series with this one. For me, this was a solid Mitchell, much better than Chasing Smoke, but not quite at the level of Collision Course. Which still means this is a highly enjoyable, engrossing read, and one which makes me hungry for Fragments, Book 2.