The Tradesman’s Entrance by Cameron Vale

Rating: 10/10 ★★★★★★★★★★ 
Title: The Tradesman’s Entrance
Author: Cameron Vale
Genre: humour, erotica, m/m
URL: Smashwords (published by Vagabondage Press LLC)
Price: US$1.99
Other Information/warnings: explicit sexual content, intentionally bad writing excerpts
Summary [from the publisher]:

Virginal Stephen Patterson is suffering from writers block on his latest money-spinning bodice-ripper, and his mood can only get worse when Dave the plumber shows up two hours late, mocks him, and plunders his pantry.

But first impressions can be deceptive; Dave is a highly unusual tradesman with an odd line in biscuit-based philosophy, an open-minded approach to sex, and a cast-iron certificate in unblocking all sorts of pipes.

When Dave decides that it’s long past time for Stephen to unclog years of fear and insecurity, Stephen may finally discover who he really is.

My review:

This is simply a hoot.Taking one of the stock clichés of the porn industry, the author turns it on its head, giving us not only hot and tender sex, but a wealth of pithy, hilarious observations by working class philsopher Dave, and one or two even by emotionally and creatively constipated Stephen.

I love the voices, and it’s laugh out loud funny. Short, sharp and very enjoyable. A couple of editing niggles (and some word usage which makes me suspect Ms Vale is an Aussie masquerading as a Brit – or that Dave is) don’t spoil an otherwise nicely written short story that works perfectly for its length. Even if you’re not really interested in erotica, this is still worth the couple of bucks it costs, just for the giggles. Highly recommended.