Shadowboxer by Paula Sophia

This isn’t a review as such. The author kindly sent me her book after I indicated an interest in her request for a review but I just haven’t been able to make myself read it because of my personal circumstances and mood. The book is not a romance, and may be difficult for some readers as it deals with heavy themes of homophobia and transphobia, but as books about trans* people are rare, and this one is well written, I felt I should at least draw it to your attention.

It’s published by Etopia Press and available in digital and paper formats.

About the author:

Paula Sophia is a twenty-year veteran with the Oklahoma City Police Department, a graduate from the MFA in Creative Writing program at the University of Central Oklahoma, and an avid motorcycle rider trying to find Zen on the back roads of Oklahoma.


Willie Guyles has a secret he’s been fighting to keep, something he thought he’d boxed up a long time ago. When he meets a drag prostitute while patrolling the streets of Oklahoma City, the old feelings return, and he can’t force them back into the box.

A story about identity crisis, the horrible consequences of bullying, and the detrimental effects of self-loathing, Shadowboxer descends into a world altogether familiar yet strangely askew.

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