Measured Doses by T.T. Kove

Rating: 6/10 ★★★★★★☆☆☆☆ 
Title: Measured Doses
Author: T.T. Kove
Genre: M/M Romance
URL: Less Than Three Press
Price: US $4.99
Other Information/warnings: This story contains subjects that may be triggers for some (abuse)
Summary [from the publisher]:
After his father beats him, Chad escapes to the only safe haven he can think: his former teacher, Dion. But when he arrives at Dion’s door, it’s opened by a stranger—who promptly finds himself catching an unconscious man.

Unable to turn away the broken, battered Chad, Jeremy takes him in and tends his wounds, even if he would much rather have nothing to do with the student that his ex, Dion, cheated on him with.

My review:
After a vicious beating, Chad leaves the home of his violent alcoholic father. Short on options, he drops in at the home of his former English teacher, Dion, and falls unconscious into the arms of Dion’s partner, Jeremy.

Even though Jeremy and Dion have been together a little over two years, the last four months have been difficult with the couple living like strangers and sleeping in separate beds because Dion admitted to having a fling with a former student.

Now that student is in their home, but Jeremy is no heartless man. He takes Chad in, helps heal his wounds and cooks him nourishing meals. In time, Jeremy discovers that Chad and Dion have strong feelings for each other and he himself is not immune to Chad’s vulnerability and youthful charm.

Chad’s life has been extremely difficult. Other than a few stoner friends, he has no one he can really count on. His aunt seems kind enough, but is oblivious to Chad’s abuse at her brother’s hands. She believes instead that his mother’s death has sent him spiraling into drug and alcohol abuse, so she sends him to group therapy.

Jeremy is still angry and hurt by Dion’s infidelity, and Chad blames himself for the tension in their relationship. Jeremy takes matters into his own hands to find a solution to make all three men happy.

I love hurt/comfort stories, relationship conflicts and reconciliation, so I was thrilled to get the opportunity to read this. Unfortunately, there were a number of things that didn’t work so well for me.

Dion felt guilty about the pain he caused Jeremy and though that was mentioned numerous times throughout the story, I never really got a sense of how Dion really felt. I would have liked to read more about his and Jeremy’s relationship before Chad and the events that led to the affair. Instead, we get everything from Jeremy’s perspective, which made Dion a dull and static character. I also would have liked more tension, serious conversations, and outpouring of feelings instead of Jeremy’s internal angst.

Far too much time was spent with Chad’s stoner friends and his clueless aunt, none of whom added anything to the story.

There were some inconsistencies with the characters’ ages and how they behaved. Early in the story, Chad was approaching 20. By the end, he was 18. This was something an editor should have caught. It was noticeable enough for me to go back to the beginning to verify his age. Dion was apparently a decade older than Chad, while Jeremy was 24. In many ways, Chad seemed a lot younger than his 18/19 years. It was hard for me to believe that Jeremy was just a few years older. The way he spoke to and treated Chad led me to believe he was considerably older.

While I’m glad they reconciled in the end, I felt it was a bit rushed. There was too much emphasis on the sexual aspect of their relationship and not enough on the emotional.

I enjoyed parts of this story, others not so much, but I would definitely be interested in a sequel, just to see if Chad can overcome the difficulties in his young life and to see whether these three men can remain happily together.