Taken by Tentacles by Jessie Snow

Rating: 9/10 ★★★★★★★★★☆ 
Title: Taken by Tentacles
Author: Jessie Snow
Genre: M/M Erotica
URL: Amazon
Price: US $2.99
Other Information/warnings: Explicit sexual content, dubious consent
Summary [from the publisher]:
A love triangle unlike any other…

Captain Liam Conrad never expected to find a giant octopus in a rainstorm. But when he’s thrown overboard and dragged into the sea, tentacles take him in unforgettable ways. To complicate matters, he’s falling for the handsome marine biologist aboard his boat. And the octopus doesn’t like that.

Not one little bit.

My review:


“While the tentacle traced patterns over his abs, exploring, massaging his muscles, another gripped his free ankle. It happened so quickly that he had no chance to fight it. With every limb bound, he could only focus on the distraction of the tentacle at his navel.”


“He fought to dust the cobwebs from his memories, and then wished he hadn’t. Ignorance was bliss. It didn’t involve memories of a giant octopus using him as a sex toy.”


For a limited time only, you can board this boat with a sexy scientist, a horny octopus, and a handsome sea captain who gets to make very few choices, for FREE.

A good time will be had by all.