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Ann Somerville is an author,  reviewer, and occasional thorn in the flesh. She’s been writing and reviewing the m/m genre since before it was even called that. She has been published and self-published, and wishes she could bring her home in Queensland, Australia a little closer to the centre of action. She generally dislikes historical m/m, loves humorous fiction, science fiction, fantasy (in small doses, so long as there are no elves and she can pronounce all the names), detective and mysteries. Her taste might not be impeccable but she will demand your qualifications for arguing with it.

Nancy Ferris is not a professional writer, though she believes it would probably be a lot more fun than the job she is doing now.

She has always loved reading and enjoys a wide variety of books, particularly fantasy, horror, mysteries and young-adult fiction.

She lives with her husband in a small house in a quiet little town with a great library.

Paul G. Bens, Jr., has spent most of his adult life in the entertainment industry, currently working as a research paralegal for an historic Hollywood film studio.  His short stories have appeared in Cemetery Dance, Dark Discoveries, Velvet Mafia: Dangerous Queer Fiction, Chick Flicks, HeavyGlow, The Egg Box, Scared Naked, Bleeding Quill, Outsider Ink and Dark Discoveries.  His debut novel Kelland received the 2010 Black Quill Award for Best Small Press Chill (Editors’ Choice). Currently Bens lives in Los Angeles with his extraordinary boyfriend and he welcomes everyone to drop by  www.paulbens.com

Please note – all reviews dated on or before 14 December 2009 previously appeared at Uniquely Pleasurable.


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