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Mr. Jaguar by K.A. Merikan

Rating: 6/10 ★★★★★★☆☆☆☆ 
Title: Mr. Jaguar
Author: K.A. Merikan
Genre: M/M romance
URL: Amazon
Price: FREE
Other Information/warnings: Explicit sexual content
Summary [from the publisher]:
Mike Miller’s life has gone to shit. The formerly popular high school quarterback now works at a gas station in the middle of nowhere. The last thing he needs is meeting the guy he used to bully at school and seeing him all sorts of polished up. James is now the proud owner of an amazing silver Jaguar and a self-made millionaire. It seems that the day couldn’t get any worse for Mike, but James ‘Lovelace’ Austin might just turn out to be his golden ticket out of the job he hates.

When James Austin meets Mike Miller, his high school crush and tormentor all in one, working at an old, dirty gas station, it feels as if the stars have finally aligned in his favor. He wants to finally get his revenge on the guy, but when Mike turns out to be gay, the whole afternoon takes a turn for the surreal. Instead of just humiliating Mike at his workplace, James decides to hire him for a weekend at a conference he’s attending. A hot guy by his side is the only accessory James needs to rub his success in the faces of his frenemies.

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Color Me by Blaine D. Arden

Rating: 7/10 ★★★★★★★☆☆☆ 
Title: Color Me
Author: Blaine D. Arden
Genre: Contemporary romance
URL: Author’s site
Price: FREE
Other Information/warnings: explicit sexual content, ableist language
Summary [from the publisher]:
Jonah Fisher and Scott Eeley may both be Deaf, but they couldn’t be more different.
Scott is a color consultant who doesn’t interact well with the hearing. He watches his gorgeous new neighbor swim every morning, but has no idea how to approach him. He doesn’t even know his name.
Jonah is a bouncer with an ‘I’m Deaf, deal with it’ attitude. He doesn’t like the way Scott lets people treat him. So why can’t he stop thinking about him?

My review: Continue reading Color Me by Blaine D. Arden


If It Ain’t Love by Tamara Allen

Rating: 10/10 ★★★★★★★★★★ 
Title: If It Ain’t Love
Author: Tamara Allen
Genre: Historical, m/m romance
URL: Smashwords
Price: FREE
Other Information/warnings: None
Summary [from the author]:
In the darkest days of the Great Depression, New York Times reporter Whit Stoddard has lost the heart to do his job and lives a lonely hand-to-mouth existence with little hope of recovery, until he meets Peter, a man in even greater need of new hope.

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Lies and Consequences by Kaje Harper

Rating: 8.5/10 ★★★★★★★★½☆ 
Title: Lies and Consequences
Author: Kaje Harper
Genre: Contemporary romance
URL: Smashwords
Price: FREE
Other Information/warnings: violence, suspense, explicit m/m sexual content
Summary [from the publisher]:
Chris Fletcher and Ian McCallum started out as a hook-up: no names, no strings, no future. But fate seemed determined to throw them together and each time was better than the last. Ian couldn’t help starting to think about forever.
Chris knew he shouldn’t take the chance. His life was a web of lies, from providing his Navy fiancee Jenny with a beard to the details of his fictional childhood. Ian would hate being deceived and a crash was inevitable. But Chris had never felt so deeply about a man before.
When the lies came out, Ian did walk away. But fate wasn’t done with them. Because Chris’s life was in danger, and only Ian was close enough to help. Now Ian had to decide where the deeper truths lay, and whether what he felt for Chris was still strong enough to risk his safety and his heart.

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The Zagzagel Diaries: Forsaken by Bryl R. Tyne

Rating: 9/10 ★★★★★★★★★☆ 
Title: The Zagzagel Diaries: Forsaken
Author: Bryl R. Tyne
Genre: Fantasy (contemporary)
URL: Smashwords
Price: Free
Other Information/warnings: Mention of suicide
Summary [from the publisher]:
An unconventional guardian angel attempts to keep his gay charge from committing suicide, while wrestling with his own personal issues. This is the first in the Zagzagel Diaries series.
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Ann’s Mini-Reviews for March 2010

These are a round up of books I have read recently and have yet to work up into a full review. I may never do so 🙂 Caveat lector etc. Continue reading Ann’s Mini-Reviews for March 2010


The Heart May be Tiny but the World’s Enormous by shukyou

Rating: 10/10 ★★★★★★★★★★ 
Title: Title
Author: shukyuo
Genre: Historical (Feudal China)
Price: FREE!
Other Information/warnings: kid fic

Really, if it hadn’t been for the damn baby, Gong Ji would’ve gotten away with it.

A goat thief encounters a widowed master swordmaker and the man’s infant. Somehow, he never manages to leave.

My review: Continue reading The Heart May be Tiny but the World’s Enormous by shukyou


Like a Sparrow Through the Heart by Aggy Bird

Rating: 8/10 ★★★★★★★★☆☆ 
Title: Like a Sparrow Through the Heart
Author:Aggy Bird
Genre: Fantasy/shapeshifter
URL: Fiction Index on LJ
Price: FREE
Other Information/warnings: Violence, horrible puns, explicit m/m
Summary [from the author]:
Talon the griffin is broken-hearted – so, can you really blame him for not-quite-accidentally trying to kill a guy? Flit the sparrow sure can. Now the sparrow has taken over Talon’s life, and Talon hates it. But maybe things will turn out all right. If only Flit would stop decorating the place.

My review: My dear friend, distressed moonchild, pointed this out to me, warning me not to start reading it just as I was heading to bed because I wouldn’t be able to stop. Silly me, I ignored her – and she was right.

‘Sparrow’ is huge fun – full of terrible jokes and puns, great snark between Flit, the sparrow shapeshifter (don’t worry – all sex is in human form) who works as an advice columnist, and Talon, an avian law enforcer (think of a feathered Brute Squad), whom Flit has inadvertently offended in more ways than one. Flit is sharp, witty, queeny, and prone to stabbing people with pens who upset him. Talon is thuggish, muscled, and broken-hearted over the loss of his love and best friend – a fact he blames Flit for. But Flit has won two months of personal service and residence in Talon’s house, and somehow this odd couple have to learn to get along. Talon might just kill Flit if Flit doesn’t stop trying to fix him up with blind dates though.

It’s a fast-paced tale of love and angst, and completely absorbing. And hey, free! The writing isn’t as clean as pro level, but I’ve seen less polished stuff actually published, and damn, this could be a hit if she ever tried to sell it.

Don’t miss the prequel and the first chapter of the sequel WIP, all listed on the fiction index page.


Shadow of the Templar (series) by M. Chandler

Rating: 8.5/10 ★★★★★★★★½☆ 
Title: Shadow of the Templar (series)
Author: M. Chandler
Genre: Modern heist/caper
URL: Author’s Site
Price: Free (but also available as cheap print/downloads from Lulu)
Other Information/warnings: Violence, bad language, explicit m/m in short stories only
Summary: Simon Drake is a hard-arsed FBI agent, and dedicated to taking down people like Jeremy Archer, jewel thief supreme. On their first encounter, Archer comes off the winner, but thanks to Archer’s own strict code of honour, Drake has a second chance to get back what was stolen – and Archer gets a second chance to pursue his own strange fascination with his nemesis

My review: Continue reading Shadow of the Templar (series) by M. Chandler


Enlightenment by Tsukizubon Saruko

Rating: 9/10 ★★★★★★★★★☆ 
Title: Enlightenment
Author: Tsukizubon Saruko
Genre: Victorian historical
URL: Shousetsu Bang * Bang
Price: FREE!
Other Information/warnings: explicit m/m, period racist and homophobic attitudes

A wealthy Victorian newspaper proprietor hires a new columnist, and gets so much more than he bargained for.

My review:

If you’re tired of seeing Asian people written offensively and stereotypically, then this intelligent, layered story will be a breath of fresh air. Wu Li, the educated, much travelled gentleman who walks into David Chamberlain’s newspaper office and demands to write a column for him about the issues affecting London Chinese is a marvellous, complicated character, challenging David’s prejudices and those of the reader.

David too, is a fantastic creation – tough, smart, decent, restrained by society’s pressures in some ways, but breaking out most forcefully in others.

Set against the events surrounding Oscar Wilde’s conviction for sodomy, and the millieu of London in the late Victorian age, this is another nicely sharp piece by this talented author, with wit and wry observation aplenty. Again, no sap, but much manly tenderness without overdoing the angst or the handwringing. A real gem and highly recommended.