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Tangle (Anthology) – ed. Nicole Kimberling – review

Rating: 7/10 ★★★★★★★☆☆☆ Title: Tangle (Anthology) – ed. Nicole Kimberling
Authors: Steven Adamson, Astrid Amara, Mark Allan Gunnells, Ginn Hale, Tenea D. Johnson, Jeremiah Job Levine, Erin MacKay, Gene Mederos, Jesse Sandoval and Lawrence Schimel.
Genre: Science fiction/fantasy/speculative fiction
URL: Blind Eye Books
Price: USD $15.95
Other Information/warnings: violence, explicit m/m, some horror themes
Summary [from publisher]:
11 stories of magic, mystery and the fantastic future, all featuring gay heroes. Swordsmen, cyborgs, magicians, ghosts, psychic lovers and enchanted lords fill this anthology with adventure, laughter and passion.

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