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The Only Gold by Tamara Allen

Rating: 10/10 ★★★★★★★★★★ 
Title: The Only Gold
Author: Tamara Allen
Genre: Historical (late 19th century)
URL: Dreamspinner Press
Price: US$6.99 (ebook), US$ 17.99 (paperback)
Other Information/warnings: violence, sexual (non-explicit) content
Summary [from the publisher]:

Jonah Woolner’s life is as prudently regulated as the bank where he works. It’s a satisfying life until he’s passed over for promotion in favor of newcomer Reid Hylliard. Brash and enterprising, Reid beguiles everyone except Jonah, who’s convinced Reid’s progressive ideas will be the bank’s ruin. When Jonah begins to discover there’s more to Reid than meets the eye, he risks succumbing to Reid’s charms—but unlocking the vault to all of Reid’s secrets could lead him down a dangerous path.

Losing his promotion—and perhaps his heart—is the least of Jonah’s difficulties. When the vengeful son of a Union army vet descends upon the bank to steal a government deposit of half a million dollars during the deadliest blizzard to ever sweep New York, Jonah and Reid are trapped, at odds and fighting for their lives.

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Ann’s Mini-Reviews for March 2010

These are a round up of books I have read recently and have yet to work up into a full review. I may never do so 🙂 Caveat lector etc. Continue reading Ann’s Mini-Reviews for March 2010


Last Days of Summer by Steve Kluger

Rating: 10/10 ★★★★★★★★★★ 
Title: Last Days of Summer
Author: Steve Kluger
Genre: coming of age, baseball
URL: Amazon
Price: US$13.99
Other Information/warnings: language, child prodigy, racism (period)
Summary [from the publisher]:

Last Days of Summer is the story of Joey Margolis, neighborhood punching bag, growing up goofy and mostly fatherless in Brooklyn in the early 1940s. A boy looking for a hero, Joey decides to latch on to Charlie Banks, the all-star third baseman for the New York Giants. But Joey’s chosen champion doesn’t exactly welcome the extreme attention of a persistent young fan with an overactive imagination. Then again, this strange, needy kid might be exactly what Banks needs.

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The Heart May be Tiny but the World’s Enormous by shukyou

Rating: 10/10 ★★★★★★★★★★ 
Title: Title
Author: shukyuo
Genre: Historical (Feudal China)
Price: FREE!
Other Information/warnings: kid fic

Really, if it hadn’t been for the damn baby, Gong Ji would’ve gotten away with it.

A goat thief encounters a widowed master swordmaker and the man’s infant. Somehow, he never manages to leave.

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The Highwayman by Ali Katz

Rating: 7.5/10 ★★★★★★★½☆☆ 

Title: The Highwayman
Author: Ali Katz
Genre: Historical
URL: Amber Quill
Price: US$5.00
Other Information/warnings: Implied under age sex, implied rape/non-con, limited violence
Summary [from the publisher]: Hungary, 1750.  Janos Vesh is a man on the edge. He’s spent all of his adult life fighting his past. Now he roams the highways of the southern Carpathian Mountains chasing what little vengeance fate has to offer for the wrongs done to him and to his family. But satisfaction eludes him, and his only comfort comes in the arms of his lover, Stefan. The soldier’s constant love is no longer enough to rein in the highwayman’s growing recklessness. Stefan doesn’t know what drives Janos along the path to self-destruction. He knows only that trying to save the man he loves from himself is fast becoming a losing battle. He’s not ready to give up, but ideas are running short.  A robbery gone bad, a descent into darkness, and Janos’s fragile hold on sanity begins to crumble. Stefan has one last hope. Will it succeed where all else failed?

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Lessons in Desire by Charlie Cochrane – review

Rating: 2/10 ★★☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆ 
Title: Lessons in Desire
Author: Charlie Cochrane
Genre: Historical, mystery
URL: Linden Bay Romance
Price:US $6.99
Other Information/warnings: Violence (mild)
Summary [from the publisher]:
With the recent series of college murders behind him, Cambridge Fellow Jonty Stewart is in desperate need of a break. A holiday on the beautiful Channel Island of Jersey seems ideal, if only he can persuade Orlando Coppersmith to leave the security of the college and come with him.
Orlando is a quiet man who prefers academic life to venturing out into the world. Within the confines of their rooms at the university, it’s easy to hide the fact that he and Jonty are far more than friends. But the desire to spend more time alone with the man he loves is an impossible lure to resist.
When a brutal murder occurs at the hotel where they’re staying, the two young men are once more drawn into the investigation. The race to catch the killer gets complicated by the victim’s son, Ainslie, a man who seems to find Orlando too attractive to resist. Can Stewart and Coppersmith keep Ainslie at bay, keep their affair clandestine, and solve the crime?

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