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Yaoi art by Lady Tempest – review

Website Title: The Realm
Artist: Lady Tempest
Genre: Yaoi/ m/m
URL: http://www11.asphost4free.com/Tempest/Realm/index.htm
Other Information/warnings: none (art is not explicit)

My review:
I’m not a big fan of a lot of yaoi artwork – the characters’ body always seem distorted and don’t look particularly human. However, I was very struck by just how damn pretty and soulful some of the characters on Lady Tempest’s site are. For example:

I adore the colours and the soft, androgynous feel of this portrait. It’s vivid without being too in your face, and the expression is lovely. The artist does seem to like femme-y men (as do a lot of yaoi artists) but she’s skilfull enough to make them actually look like people. Here’s the same character again, in pencil:

A more ‘rugged’ male with a decidedly Japanese influence, also appealed to me:

And this is just a rich fantasy portrait which is beautifully composed and executed: