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Collection of reviews for Velvet Mafia Issue no.1

URL: velvetmafia.com/archive.php

‘Snow’ by Jameson Currier

This is a mood piece, a narrator suffering from cabin fever in a blizzard, and perhaps from a greater ennui with life. Poetic, beautiful – nothing much happens but we get an insight into the emptiness of the life of a single gay man, travelling on business.


‘Enough Oxygen’ by Marshall Moore

WARNINGS: child physical and sexual abuse, violence, mental illness. Not ‘slash’ as such, though the narrator is gay.

A difficult, painful and powerful story, about a young man pushed past his limits by a horrific home life. Not for the faint-hearted or easily upset.


‘Human again’ by Mel Smith

WARNINGS: violence
Another difficult story about two homeless men, lovers in the most difficult of circumstances. Starkly beautiful, uplifting yet sad. Again, not for the easily upset.


Photography by Jack Slomovits
WARNING: explicit photographs at this link. NOT WORK SAFE

Not a story but a gallery of homoerotic photos. Very tasteful, very nice.

There were other stories in this issue which might appeal to you – none of them were illiterate, they just weren’t my cup of tea. None of them grabbed me the way ‘Snow’ did, from the first words, but could be well worth a look.