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Ghost Star Night by Nicole Kimberling

Rating: 8.5/10 ★★★★★★★★½☆ 
Title: Ghost Star Night
Author: Nicole Kimberling
Genre: Fantasy/magic
URL: Samhain Publishing
Price: US $4.50
Other Information/warnings: Violence
Summary [from the publisher]:
Thomas Myrdin knows that intrigue is part of life at court, but that doesn’t make his king’s betrayal any easier to take. Yet heartbreak troubles him less than the apocalyptic visions that haunt him. Fiery premonitions that show the world burning in ruins—and the cause, the king’s daughter. Visions and vengeance awaken a strange new power within him, but not even he is sure if he is the kingdom’s savior, the king’s pawn.
Lord Adam Wexley harbors a secret longing for the elegant Thomas, but his duty is to protect the newborn princess. When a sudden threat arises, Adam seeks to procure services of Grand Magician Zachary Drake. Even if it means sacrificing his own soul—and his body.
Drake has seen the worst of kings and courtiers. Now he protects himself with powerful sorcery and the adamant refusal to affiliate with any of the Four Courts. But the grand magician isn’t without weaknesses and Adam may be the one enticement that could draw him to ruin.
In a rising storm of magic with the power to strip away men’s souls, the thread of desire connecting three men could be the kingdom’s last lifeline…

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Turnskin by Nicole Kimberling – Review

Rating: 8/10 ★★★★★★★★☆☆ 
Title: Turnskin
Author: Nicole Kimberling
Genre: Paranormal Romance
URL: Blind Eye Books
Price: US$14.95 (available for pre-order before release in January 2008)
Other Information/warnings: explicit m/m, violence
Raised in a remote farming community, Tom Fletcher knows little of his Shifter heritage and less about the dangerous lives that others of his kind lead in the city of Riverside. For Tom the big city is a daydream of opening nights and bright theater lights.
But when Tom meets Cloud Coldmoon – infamous and handsome heir to a criminal syndicate – everything changes. Suddenly suspected of murder, Tom must flee to the only city where his kind are common.

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